Thursday, June 2, 2016

Lesson #3: Keep Your Independence Yours

Lesson #3: Keep your independence yours

Regardless of what gender you are and what friendship or relationship you’re in, do things for YOU! Be comfortable enough with yourself to spend time alone, doing what sparks your creativity and opens your mind to self-realization.

These are the times where we improve the love we have for ourselves and what beams from us. It’s what allows us to be confident in ourselves and hold healthy, continuous relationships with others. Sometimes it’s hard to take a day or two away from the people we love most and it’s hard to not attend every single social activity for fear of missing out (FOMO duh)… But the clear mind and internal strength created in us is powerful when we take time to ourselves. You’ll find you are less likely to hold onto negative thoughts, negative people, and able to make healthier decisions in your life. All while building up your own self-esteem & self-worth (which I'm all about). 

Self-realization is one of the hardest traits to cultivate - and an important one! It is such a great tool I use to help recognize my not so great behaviors so I am able to work on them. I’m the kind of person that’s all for self-improvement and using self-realization helps me to build better confidence. Honestly the only way to discover our inner person is to be alone. Alone with your thoughts, reading, searching, creating, and reflecting. It takes separating our minds from social media, materialism, and comparison to really understand why we think and do what we do. This process brings happiness to my soul, and a greater sense of self that assists me in keeping balance & independence in my life.

Another form of keeping your independence if you are in a relationship, is to make time for your friends… without your significant other. WHHAAATTTTT!? Yes, for real. You can do it. And I bet your significant other can deal with it too. If anything, you both get a mini break. It makes them miss you and you miss them – it’s attractive to date someone with hobbies and interests outside of their partner. I LOVE my girl nights or weekend getaways with my friends. We laugh, we cry, we yell, we joke, we dance… it’s a fabulous time where I come out feeling all kinds of warm & happy feelings. It totally boosts my confidence and reminds me of all the love I have around me.

Keeping my independence in whatever way necessary brings me strength and confidence in who I am. Inner love and inner peace with myself helps me feel balanced. Taking time to myself to do what I enjoy makes me feel rejuvenated and I am so much nicer to be around!! Without keeping my independence, I become irritable and can find myself depending on others around me to handle my emotions – which isn’t very fair and not very pleasant! 

So make an effort to explore who you are and what you truly desire in this life. Keep your independence yours…and you’ll see so many benefits because of it!

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