Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Strong Women Need Other Strong Women

Lesson #2: Strong women need other strong women.

Strong, brave, courageous, driven, uplifting women are a rare breed. They tend to be the women that most intimidate you. Why? Maybe they have what you don’t, or maybe they have exactly what you have. I do know that some of what’s lead to the best times in my life thus far, is approaching the women that intimidate me most. It is how I have made my very best friends.

When encompassed by strong women, it brings you a feeling of fearlessness. After I had placed Dayton and moved back to Utah (ooo scary), I needed some new friends. I would go to social gatherings literally knowing only one person, and would come out meeting 10-15. Where not only did I meet smart, hard working women, but a handful of solid men that remain my closest friends. These friends gave me the feeling of fearlessness… and they still do today.

Want to know why we need strong lady friends? They…


All great things, right!? As women we experience things deeply, we have emotions and hormones that we can’t always handle by ourselves. I know I sure can’t! “Uhh hello, mom? Yeah I need you.” I can’t even count how many times I’ve had to rely on my friends when I’m sad, angry, or hurt. They let me text me them all day long. Haha I’m so not kidding. The strong women in my life have my back, keep it real, and comfort me along the way.

Strong women are happy for you when good things happen, when you accomplish big things, and when you do what’s right for your life. They don’t bring you down, guilt you, or make you feel like you should stick around for them when opportunities are possibly taking you elsewhere. Strong women can remain friends across time, states, and countries.

Don’t let your fear keep you from making friends with amazing people, make a choice to love yourself and take the initiative to compliment others. I guarantee that the amount of friendships and opportunities in your life will increase tremendously. Behind those beautiful faces are strong women - needing other strong women to stand by them. There are so many things we can accomplish together. Having a network of strong women is powerful.

Forget about your worldly concerns and strive to be a STRONG WOMEN. We need you!!  

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