Wednesday, March 16, 2016


If there’s one thing emphasized in my family’s house, it’s creating goals. Lists and lists of goals! What we want to achieve and how are open discussions. When we want to achieve these goals are written out on timelines and shared with the whole family. We all know what the other wants to achieve and we create a support group for one another - as well as a never ending family group text that occurs on the daily. We hold each other accountable and we all discuss changes and options together throughout our ever-changing worlds.  Yes, yes, we are THAT intertwined with each other’s lives. It’s our normal and we love it that way.

I am held accountable by my closest family and friends that I reveal my goals to. Can it be frustrating at times that now I have explicit expectations of myself? Oh, why yes!! Definitely! I have wanted to give up on plenty of my goals, and at the age of 25 I have yet to accomplish a number of them. However, I don’t think I could push myself to accomplish my goals throughout my life without being held accountable by my supporters. In some instances, I have exceeded my goals and expectations! It's hard work.

Why should we set goals?

It’s my belief that writing down goals and being held accountable is an effective way of achieving more than we could imagine. So write down what you hope to achieve now, in the near future, and beyond. If you like pictures, create a vision board and hang it on your wall or create a board on Pinterest and pin away. Personally, I like to write my goals down in cute journals - now I have quite the stack! Enlist family members, friends, or those that have your best interest in mind as your support group. Let them keep you in check! Revamp your goals every couple of months and keep yourself on track. What will you find when you keep to your goals? A positive sense of self, personal achievement, and a raised self esteem. Who doesn’t want those things?

Achieving our goals is what leads to us living our dreams.

Don’t let distractions take from your goals – like dating. Yes, I am guilty of this in the past. And I bet you are too. Let your goals be something outside of “getting married” and “having babies”. Our self worth, self esteem, and dreams depend on it. Do your thing, achieve your goals and the right guy (or lady) who wants to make the effort to work alongside you will show up one day. Have faith in yourself and what YOU can accomplish. Be a woman of substance. It's true, life doesn't always cooperate the way you want it to, so try to be flexible with the way you reach your goals and keep an open mind available for those times. The opportunities are endless and I want you to dream big and have everything you ever wanted.

Make those goals, be flexible with how you get there, be held accountable, work hard & work smart! 

Tip: If you're lacking motivation, a good quote can always do the job to get you back doing your thing. My favorite comes from my dad, "Hustle kiddo!".

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